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Water Hopper

The Water Hopper is a portable automatic water system that will place a pre-determined or variable amount of water into one or more mixers simultaneously.

Operating with an innovative and energy efficient technology, the Water Hopper is a labor-saving device that will heat and dispense water on the jobsite. The unit ensures that the preferred amount of water at the optimal temperature to meet code requirements is introduced for every batch to maximize production and dramatically decrease costs associated with mixing in the cold months.

The unit runs off of AC or DC power while using either propane or natural gas to generate heat and ultimately supplies mixing water with temperatures ranging from 98°F to 140°F.

The Water Hopper is easily moved with a forklift. Select desired water temperature (up to 140 degrees), then pull lever to dispense pre-determined amount of water. No need to detach the discharge hose from mixer when dumping into mortar tubs.

Water Hopper Extreme

Water Hopper Extreme - Model WHLP120E


Water Hopper Job Box

Water Hopper Job Box - Model WHLPJB120



  • Natural Gas Option
  • 12 Volt DC Option
  • 525 Gallon Water Jacket Tank